Affiliation Contract from Tennessee State University

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It has always been one of Internship Nepal’s major objectives to offer internship opportunities to students from all over the world, while also contributing in their career formation. Internship Nepal has been continuously extending its services and reaching out to universities in several parts of the world. We always anticipate students expressing their interests in joining our vastly dynamic programs, be it in any field within our range. This objective of ours received further encouragement when Internship Nepal recently had the privilege of collaborating with one of USA’s most historical and prestigious universities, the Tennessee State University. A Clinical Affiliation Agreement for Physiotherapy Internships and Nursing Internships was signed between the Tennessee State University and Internship Nepal in September, 2016. 

Founded in 1912, Tennessee State University marks a glorious description, especially because it is the largest and only state-funded historically black university. The institution has been offering 38 bachelor’s degrees, 24 master's degrees, and seven doctoral degrees. The Division of Physical therapy and Nursing Faculty are two of the biggest departments within the university and the Head of the Department was kind enough to sincerely regard our efforts, taking it through to the General Council. Valid only from January next year, we hope this agreement mutually uplifts the standard of internship placements. This contract shall benefit students vitally in their career shaping and the university in maintaining its acclaimed status in education. Internship Nepal expects students to join our programs and visit the eternally beautiful country that Nepal is; we look forward to putting our best efforts to practice. 

                 Report By: Rajat Acharya


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