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Our program comprises three different levels of photojournalism, which essentially cover from basic learning to professional journalism and photojournalism. 

1. Photojournalism with Basic training:

Basic training is provided for the ones who look forward to starting their career in this eccentric field of Photojournalism or Photography. The training fundamentally includes tips on handling a DSLR camera and its features such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO focusing, depth of field etc.

After a weeklong basic training, students will be taken to the field for photography practice. We regularly organize cultural and landscape tours, and night and news photography practice. Intern/volunteers will have the opportunity to take pictures of rallies, sit-in programs, and political demonstrations 

 2. Freelance Photojournalism 

One to five month 'Intensive Freelance Photojournalism Internship' provides interested students or volunteers an opportunity to explore Nepal’s great culture, beauty and & work with local people and media outlets.

In this program experienced photojournalists coordinate, make regular assignments, create work plans and implement them in developing photo stories, photo documentaries, photo essays and photo features.

 3. Photojournalism with local media:

Nepali media are still in rave need of experienced photojournalists. Internship Nepal has since forever been known for having offered the best placements for skilled and experienced photojournalists and photographers who wish to utilize their time volunteering in Nepali media. Placements are arranged in several renowned National Daily News Papers, online news portals and magazines.  

Note: Further information about the program will be provided via email after the applicants formally fill our application form!


Program: Journalism

We have three different levels of internship in journalism within our program which covers basic learning to professional journalism.

 1. Journalism internship for beginners

 2. Program for freelance journalists 

 3. Journalism with local media

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 Program: Radio Journalsim

Inrollment: Round the year


Radio broadcasting is the cheapest and quickest means of mass communications in Nepal. In a mountainous country like Nepal, radio broadcasting has proved to be a very effective medium for disseminating information, educating people, and entertaining the masses. Nepal is a pioneer for outstanding broadcasting in Asian countries, in FM Radio and especially in community Radio. There are around 360 FM stations and 200 community radios being aired currently all over the country.

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Recent Photo projects:

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