Visit to International Career Fairs at the University of Michigan and Philip Merrill College

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When the necessities of time propel you to newer opportunities, you swallow them. It’s that courage and the willingness to grow that endorse further horizons. After Internship Nepal’s hugely encouraging visit to University of Tennessee last year, this time around we decided to explore an even wider outlook of the great country that United States of America is. Mr. Nardev Pandey, the Director of Internship Nepal most recently participated in what were enthusiastic annual exhibitions at the University of Maryland-Merrill College “Career Fair 2017” in October 16 and University of Michigan’s “2017 International Opportunities Fair” in October 19.

Both the fairs were held within the premises of Philip Merrill College and University of Michigan. As an employer, Internship Nepal was approved for the career fairs and offered full access to the fair’s employer benefits. The beautiful breeze had embellished the noisy noon that were to be. The fairs invited over 600+ students from almost all major subjects and faculties and respective employers. The platform proved to be an excellent medium for students to interact and inquire about the programs of their choice and for employers to showcase their services. Students were desperately rummaging through booths after booths in hopes of finding THE perfect employer for their summer job/internship. Tens of students came across the beautiful banner of Internship Nepal showcasing the snowclad mountains, friendliness and its unbeatable “Nepaliness”.

After hearing about the wide ranges of programs that we had in stores, students were in many ways rejuvenated; having come across an institution with a unique and different perspective was certainly eye catchy. We are highly excited and optimistic at the positive feedbacks from students. Many of them have registered for enrolment this coming summer and even commended such a practical approach to internships in a destination as beautiful as Nepal.

The fair ended with amazing cordiality between the organizers and employers. A lot of credits go to Ms. Sally Schuenemann from UoMichigan and Ms. Adrianne Flynn from Philp Merrill College without whom the whole idea of representing Internship Nepal in institutions as prestigious as the two wouldn’t have come to life. Overall, the experience was gold and hopefully, similar international correlations will come about as we move further down the road. More internship adventures and opportunities await for us!