Their strength and smile were encouraging

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David Sachs,Germany
Medical Elective
Technische Universität München


Coming to Nepal and coming to see how medicine in Nepal works has made an incredible impression on me. The doctors apparently lack the amount and quality of equipment the Western countries have available but they make up for it by their clinical skills and expertise. I have learned a lot about clinical tests, signs and symptoms during my two months in Kathmandu. The children at the Department of Pediatrics at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital were amazing; though many of them get there in stages of diseases we hardly see in children in our countries, their strength and smile were encouraging to see.

I was integrated in one unit during my stay, participating in ward rounds, outpatient and vaccination clinics. It was also possible to spend some time with the neonatology unit, in the neonatal intensive care unit and in pediatric surgery.

My stay at the hospital was very well organized in advance by Internship Nepal. The staff at the Education Center at Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital was very friendly and tried their best to make the medical internship in Nepal as pleasant as possible.

Thank you for everything! A special thanks to family Pandey who took so good care of me and made me feel at home in Nepal.