Priceless experience of my life

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Yossuda Raicharoen, UK
University of Edinburgh


Before coming to Nepal to do the internship on the human rights-related field, I did not really expect much about the experience I would gain. However, a month here in Nepal has proved to be one of the most valuable and priceless experiences of my life.

The connection Internship Nepal has had given me an excellent opportunity to work at CVICT (the Centre for Victims of Torture), a leading Non-Governmental Organization in promoting human rights. I assisted in “Promoting human rights of prisoners and detainees in Nepal”, a project which is funded by the EU. My key responsibilities during the internship include doing the research on the EU and international law concerning the rights of prisoners and detainees, the concepts and practice of open prisons around the world, especially focusing on open prison practices in South Asia, and the rights and duties of prisoners in Nepal. I was also part of a field visit to Makwanpur Prison. Working at CVICT for almost three weeks gives me an inside of how an NGO project runs in corroboration with the international organization and how experienced NGO professionals work. I also had a good time with my fellow colleagues who, at the end of my internship, were kind enough to arrange the trekking trip to Sundhirijal.

Apart from the internship experience, I also enjoyed travelling in Nepal, thanks to Ram and my other friends I met here from around the world who made the trips so memorable, fun and special. One of my favorite trips is seeing a breath-taking view of sunrise at Sarangkot, Pokhara. It is the memory that I will never ever forget. Even I am from the Northern part of Thailand where mountains and nature are right outside the back door, the beauty of nature here in Nepal still adds some wow to my life. 

Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Pandey family. Without them, all of this awesome experience could not have happened. Mama, I will miss your kindness and sense of humour. Nardev and Ashim, I will miss that football match where we played awesomely.  Januka, I will miss your beauty and strength. And of course, I will miss Tommy, the bread, butter, honey (and feet!?!) lover.  Thank you for everything again and I look forward to keeping in touch with you all.


Yossuda is student of Law (LLB) at University of Edinburgh, UK


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