Perfect beginning of my internship

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Laura Castro, Colombia
Photojournalism Program
Nov - Dec., 2011


As we drive into the top of Kirtipur the sights of Kathmandu city blend with the mountain range surrounding it, to make the perfect view. We keep walking into a backstreet where we cross a door once closed. Narrow lanes and stone made floor makes it like a small world behind those doors where the smiles of kids make me feel welcomed.

As we go trough the street women of all ages are working in front of their houses threshing rice, making fabrics, drying herbs, etc. Some of them wash clothes in a little communal pond while others carry their children in their backs, and they smile, and welcome me, I can take photos without shame.

I can see the strength, hard work and humility in their expressions. As I take some shots one women asks me to show her the photo, and I do, she laughs and I feel happy. Everything is new for me and the lives of these women are no similar to mine, but I feel connected somehow and this was what made a perfect beginning of my internship in Nepal.