My time in Nepal was awesome

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Nelly Rahimy, Germany
KU Eichstätt in Germany


I am a student from Germany and came to Nepal in order to learn more about photography. The teacher, Ram, is great! Not only did he teach me more about photography than I had imagined, but also he took me to amazing places and events which helped me to a better understanding of Nepali culture. For instance, we went to a wedding, to the international women’s day rally and did some cool night photography in Durbar square.

However, although it was an essential part of it, the photography   was not the only thing that made my experience in Nepal unforgettable.

The Nardev family welcomed all of us interns with open arms and gave us the feeling of home in a foreign country. We all learned so much from them and their kindness, but also from one another, as we were many intern from all different countries.

Thank you all so much for making my time in Nepal unforgettable and awesome!

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