My experience in Nepal

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– Steve Francois,
NGO Intern


As a student in political science, the chance to experience working in a foreing country is priceless. To be able to do it in Nepal was wonderful and will help troughout my life.

My internship in human rights with Sahara group gave me the opportunity to work with a NGO that was directly connected to groups with higher risks of poverty. I was able to see the work done in a orphanage and a women shelter. I was also helping in the preparation of discussions on the political future of the country and met people from different backgrounds, countries that also enrich my experience. As a intern, I got to experience first hand what are the need in a organization but also share and keep the knowledge that was past to me. This experience help me built a solid work ethic and enhanced my adaptation skills for the work I do back in Canada where great communication skills and autonomy are important assets for employers.

The flexibility of my work with my NGO gave me time to visit also Kathmandu area and visit various area of the country. To have the chance to live with a nepali family was also a important of my experience. I was able appreciate more my experience and connect with the people.