My dream has become true

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Vera Elma Vacek, Switzerland


2017 have opened a door to make my dream come true. 

I arrived in Nepal on January 1st, as the first intern this year to follow the photojournalism internship. This made me possible to practice my photography skills and together with my personal tutor Ram, I could explore Kathmandu from a view of a Nepali. I took part in a demonstration that really showed me the work as a photojournalist. I’ve learned more about night photography and I could realize my own photo story. I really appreciate to this opportunity to give myself a time to be more analyzed and get a new observation. 

The family welcomed me with open arms and gave me a feeling of home.  I learned with them a bit Nepali language and on a free day we went play football. I really would like to thank you for the amazing time. 

If you like to explore a new culture and having a creative control over your work, then I would highly recommend Internship Nepal.

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