My adventure in Nepal

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 -Yosuke Sano, Japan
Photojournalism Internship  
May-June, 2011


As a mountain lover, I always wanted to go to Nepal and climb mountains. I was also interested in people who live mountain areas and their culture that I saw in many climbing movies and books. As a college student who wants to be a photographer, I was really interested in shooting photos of beautiful nature and people in Nepal. 

 Since my interests are in mountain areas, it was very hard for me to pick a topic in Kathmandu. I really appreciate for Ram, our program coordinater, had kept giving me many interesting topics, and showed me many places in Kathmandu. He also taught me not only photographic skills but also journalistic skills which is necessary to take good photos in the field. Ireally enjoyed and learned many skills through this photography internship.  

Before I come to Nepal, I worried about housing and food…but our Nepali host family was very friendly, and it was always fun and very comfortable to spend time with them. Especially playing soccer with their children and neighbors was my favorite time. I learned many things about Nepal people’s lives and way of thinking through my host family. 

I am not sure when I come back to Nepal, but I really want to come back again as soon as I can. I really love this country, people, culture, and beautiful nature in Nepal. Thank you very much for Ram, Nardev, Shila, Nasib, Muskan and Tommy!!