My Medical Internship in Nepal

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Baptiste Le Grand, France
Medical Internship
Angers' Medicine University in France
July-August, 2011


My name is Baptiste from France, I’m student in medicine in the university of Angers and just finish the equivalent of IBBS in France, i went in Nepal in July 2011 to make an internship according to my faculty, it was the last one. I discovered Internship Nepal on Internet and saw on their web site that they proposed 

internship in a paediatric hospital in Kathmandu, the Kanti children hospital which is a public hospital and moreover the only one like this in Nepal.This experience was great, learn a lots about medicine in general, in particular about the clinical way to practice medicine, the public hospital in Nepal try to make available the treatment you can find in all hospital to a poor part of the population but with fewer resources, they got all the technical stuff to work with but try to spend less money in further tests to privileged the treatment access.

 Furthermore it was really interesting to speak with doctors and students (who speak a very good english), the Nepal medical education system is very good and they got a really good level in medicine and know exactly how to adapt their knowledge with the means available, that was really rewarding.              

During this internship of one month it was possible to go in different part of the hospital like paying wards, burns unit, physiotherapy, radiology, oncology, surgery etc, every foreign student can choose in function of his preferences.   

I regard this stay in Nepal as a really positive experience, also i got time to discover the city of Kathmandu and a part of the country, i was really impressed about what i can feel there, the Nepali’s culture is very rich, i didn’t know anything about this country before coming and i really feel like kind of a cultural chock the first day i arrived and it was exactly what i expect! 

The family who host me during this time in Kathmandu was really nice we spend very good time together and with the others interns, it was a pleasure to discover Nepal with them.