Loved exploring the culture

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Ashton Eleazer, USA
University of North Carolina,Chapel Hill


I am so grateful for the opportunity Internship Nepal provided for me to pursue photojournalism cross-culturally. It’s my dream to work as an international documentary storyteller and I was able to get a short glimpse of what my future could possibly look like.

I loved being able to explore all the culture of Kathmandu’s weddings, festivals and temples as well as being able to be published in local media. I got to explore stories in the city based on my interest in social justice and worked alongside Ram, Nepali journalist, who helped me find local connections. Shila, our house mom, made me feel very loved and welcome at home even as I adjusted to living in a new city.

I learned that working as a journalist in Kathmandu is extremely different than pursuing journalism in the United States and it was great for me to learn flexibility and seek to operate with similar success under different cultural standards.