Interaction Session with Documentary Professional

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 This Thursday proved to be a special one as we were honored with the arrival of one of our former interns Ms. Anica James. She’s a Documentary Photographer from Canada, who had joined our Journalism/Photo Journalism programs at Internship Nepal during the year 2014. She was in Kathmandu working on one of her recent projects, a photo story about the medical condition of Nepalese women at the aftermath of the huge earthquake. We were glad to have her because she would be a perfect motivation to our current interns, given that she had plenty of experience in the field and as a former intern of Internship Nepal. 

She began with a short presentation of her photos and videos that she had taken during her stay in Nepal. The interns were fairly impressed with her pictures and the depth that each of them possessed. She then debriefed her pictures along with the moments and scenario at which they were taken. There were photos from all around Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. Our interns laid remarks on her pictures hand to hand as she presented them.

Then we had a quick Q & A session where our current interns would ask questions related to her experience as a documentary photographer as well as the time she spent in Nepal. After completion of the seminar, Anica wished everyone luck on their projects. She mentioned that coming to Nepal through Internship Nepal and getting to learn so much on a completely different eastern tradition, was one of the best things that happened to her.

                Report By: Rajat Acharya