Being a volunteer

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Katherine Provos, Canada
Photojournalism Project
May-June, 2012


There is nothing like that feeling of accomplishment, when you know you are improving someone’s life through your actions. This is what being a volunteer is. You may sleep on the floor, you may not have running water, you may get sick, or maybe you’ll be lucky and have a comfortable bed, electricity, running water, etc. It does not change the influence you can have on people’s life.

Here in Nepal, there are so many places where you can volunteer: hospitals, nutrition centers, schools, orphanages, monasteries... the list goes on! There are even various people coming from all over the world to do journalism and photography. If you do not enjoy your project, there is always the possibility of changing and trying something else: everyone will welcome your help.

As you are not paid, living life like a tourist might not be your best option. As a volunteer, you will usually be hosted by the organization with which you are volunteering – otherwise you might sleep in a cheap hostel, you will bargain like a local, you will walk a lot, you will always weigh the pros and cons of eating somewhere, and you will be addicted to momo’s.

One thing is certain, no matter where you sleep or what you eat, no matter how much money you have in your pockets, if you enjoy your project, you will fall in love with Nepal.