An ideal place for photography

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Beatrice Wong
City University of Hong Kong 


"I really enjoyed my 3-week-stay here that it was delightful to be in this family and meet other interns. They are definitely some of the best people I've ever met!

The photojournalism program allowed me to explore Nepal in many ways. Ram was a very cool and funny guy as well as an experienced photographer and tour guide haha! He drove me to many different places with his motorbike to take good pictures and shared a lot of Nepali cultures with me. I think one privilege of being a photojournalist is that you get the chance to visit various places all the time since it is actually part of your job to capture #everydayNepal including festive celebrations and daily lives. I was so thrilled for what I did here and my work experience reminded me of the motto: Love what you do, do what you love. I relish sharing stories with people through my lens. It was a real pleasure rambling in rural areas and discovering the less-known side of Nepal.

Nepal is an ideal place for photo practice with breathtaking landscapes and unique local customs. And people here were very friendly and helpful which I believe was one thing that bewitched me to love this country. It was undoubtedly one of most splendid experiences in my life. And I will come back here again for sure. Namaste :) "

Thank you for everything during my stay and I really enjoyed my time in Nepal! Hope to see you again 

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