An apprehensive experience turns to Gold

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 Kirsty Threadgold
New Zealand
 March-April, 2012


It all started back in January 2012 when I was presented the opportunity to spend three and a half weeks with my dad here in Nepal. I was in complete shock when I first found out about this and wasn't particularly keen on the idea of travelling to a third world country let alone spending over three weeks alone with my dad! However, on arriving in Kathmandu I found it nowhere near as bad as I feared and was definitely ready for the challenge ahead of me.

The purpose of the trip was to assist my father to complete some of the projects he was working on during his visit last year. While we were here we got to experience life in Lamatar village and with this we got to attend a government school in the village for a day. This was really fun as I got the chance to mix with the children, answer any questions they had and also help them read some of the English books we had collected to give to the school. We've also been involved in a lot of swimming while we've been over here. Both dad and I have been able to teach and coach some swimmers and I've also had the amazing experience of training with Shreya, one of Nepal's national swimmers and now a good friend. Through Shreyas family we were fortunate enough to attend three weddings that were very different to what I've ever experienced before in New Zealand. These were all so much fun and a real treat in my eyes. During the second week of our trip I was given the opportunity to go mountain biking which was definitely an interesting experience but well worth it as I felt exhausted but fitter afterwards. We've also done a lot of exploring around Kathmandu while we've been here and met some really nice, kind, friendly people that I'll never forget. 

Other highlights of my time in Nepal include a trip to Chitwan National Park where I got to see Rhinos close up, an elephant trek into the jungle and a paddle down the river. I would like to thank Nardev and his family for their hospitality during my stay especially to Shila for her dal baht, sweet rice and Kaalo Chyaa and also to my parents for giving me this amazing opportunity. I've really enjoyed my time in Nepal and I want to say that having the chance to spend three and a half weeks with my dad is not so bad after all! 

 -Kirsty Threadgold, New Zealand