An amazing opportunity

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 Aziza, Lamyaa, Taaliba 
Oman, Photojournalism
 July, 2012


We had many experience about photography in Oman while we were in college, even outside college in social areas.  Joining Internship Nepal was a biggest challenge for us as Arabian ladies from different culture.

We saw such a different part of life while we were here in Nepal. Nepal is totally different from place where we are from. We had many experience when we joined this internships.

We thought how to save yourself in millions of people and yet good photos as it required. We get an idea how other people are living even if they are in bad condition but they are always showing a lovely smile in their face.

Being a part of this internships thought as many thing have to photograph because of its uniqueness.

While we were in this internship we joined many cultural ceremonies and social celebrations.

The difference when we were photographing in Oman and when we were photographing here in Nepal, in Nepal especially in this internship we started just thinking about the perfect photo that we want to get and we forget to think in which location we are and which culture is this.

All in all, this was an amazing opportunity to join this internship. We took this challenge and thanks god we   did success with it. We hope we’ll join this internship once again.