A nice family experience

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Kirstine Hauge Dahlgaard
February/March, 2012


For ten weeks I lived with the family Pandey in Kathmandu. That was one of the best parts of my stay in the big city. The parents Nardev and Shila were always helpful if we volunteers had any problems or questions and they really put an effort into making us a part of the family for the time we were there.

The two children of the family were absolutely adorable. Suddenly, it was like having two new siblings and when not school they were always around wanting to play or talk to the people living there at the moment.

The fact that the volunteers in the house were from so many different places in the world made it a really interesting experience living in the house and I met so many wonderful people there. The atmosphere was good and there was always someone to talk to when you needed it. I made some good friends there and I think everyone did. So if anyone is considering living in a foreign country for a while, I can recommend living this way.