A Short Yet Worthy Yoga Session

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Originated in ancient India, Yoga is an ascetic discipline which includes breathe control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures. It is a popular form of meditation and is widely practiced in different parts of world for health and relaxation.

Ramesh Paudel is a professional yoga trainer who has been actively teaching yoga for 13 years. He works in an Aashram in Kathmandu named “Aarogya Aashram”. He was invited to teach yoga to our group of students. He reached the house by 9:45 AM and was warmly welcomed to our home. We had made the arrangements for yoga session in our garden inside the house premises. The trainer was about to start the session so we all sat on the mat and made ourselves comfortable. The sun was beaming and it was pretty hot that day. Trainer sat in front of us and embarked the yoga session. Well it was quite a challenge to concentrate at the trainer, facing the scorching sun but who cared when we were indulged completely into the session.

We were all watching the trainer closely and each activity of his. He demonstrated several asanas. First he demonstrated and later guided us and we did accordingly. He started with Siddhasana. It is a common pose of sitting for doing yoga. After that he taught us the Bhramari Pranayam, which is one of the common breathing methods in which we murmur like bee. This mainly focuses on blood circulation. Then the trainer taught us Balsana which apparently is a child’s pose that is performed by kneeling forward and bending. In between all these, he performed several other asanas and the last one was Shavasana (the resting asana) in which we lay on a ground completely with our hands spread, letting all our body parts relax. In this way, in a short span of time the trainer taught us a bulk load of yoga disciplines.

The trainer counseled us that yoga helps to improve the flow of blood to all internal organs so that a person may attain optimum health benefits. One can achieve good health and can also be cured of various illnesses and ailments through performing yoga techniques. Despite the scorching heat, the yoga session proved beneficial for all of us and our students thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Report By: Neha Kharel

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