Mots des stagiaires

Medical elective in Nepal

Lizzie Keating University of Liverpool United Kingdom    I have had a fantastic and unforgettable time in Nepal. I learnt a lot from my placement at Model hospital, and from other activities such as visiting orphanages and going to help plant the rice. Lire plus

Unique and unforgettable experience

Niyibizi Joseph, Canada Université de Montréal, Quebec   I am very grateful to Internship Nepal for giving me such a great opportunity to conduct a three and half month internship in Nepal. Lire plus

I feel so lucky

Arnal Silvia, France Photojournalsim Internship   At the beginning, I got basics course which was so helpful for me and then I started to shoot in manual settings. Lire plus

I will always be thankful

Camila Sáenz, Guatemala Photojournalism    It took me only 3 weeks to fell in love with Nepal, their people and the landscapes. I had no idea that an experience like the one I had was about to come. Lire plus

Unforgettable Experiences

Ottavia Fabbri, Italy Photojournalism February, 2015   Time has come for me to leave from Nepal.  I spent 3 months of magic moments, unforgettable experiences, made unbreakable friendships. Lire plus

Expect the Unexpected

Colin laviolette, Netherlands Human rights research October-December,2014   ”Dear Colin, Your application has been approved for the program. Lire plus

A golden opportunity for students

Alexis Amini, Montreal Thesis writing Université de Montréal   Given that obtaining an internship in international security is difficult for undergraduate students, the thesis writing activity proposed by Internship Nepal is a golden opportunity. Lire plus

I loved my experience

Florentyna Sitowska,UK Thesis writing August,2014   My name is Florentyna Sitowska and I decided to partake in Internship Nepal program In order to complete my BA degree in sociology at the University of Nottingham in England. Lire plus

Six unforgetable weeks

Larry Lee, Hongkong Thesis Writing University of HongKong July-August,2014   I’m Larry Lee, a student from University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Social Sciences. Lire plus

One of the best of my life

Brianna Griesinger, USA Photojournalism August, 2014   My time living in the Internship Nepal Home was one of the best of my life. I worked with Internship Nepal coordinators to help me adjust with my photojournalism internship at the Kathmandu Post. Lire plus

Very positive experience

Katherine Primeau, USA Photojournalism July-August, 2014   My overall experience with the photojournalism program was very positive. Ram, the supervisor, was very helpful when it came to developing our individual projects. Lire plus

Teaching experience with monk

Nicholas Bloechl Boston college, USA Teaching at Monastery June 2014   Lovely Home (It is WiFi user name at home) was a nice quiet place to stay while my sister and I worked in the city. Lire plus