I feel so blessed

Eunike Septaria, Indonesia Medical Elective Udayana University, Bali   I feel so blessed to be a part of such an amazing team of interns here in Nepal. Read more

My dream has become true

Vera Elma Vacek, Switzerland Photojournalism   2017 have opened a door to make my dream come true.  I arrived in Nepal on January 1st, as the first intern this year to follow the photojournalism internship. Read more

Extremely unique experience

James  Ngan, Australia Physiotherapy Internship University of Melbourne    My trip to Nepal did not come with any real expectations. More so because I prefer not to be swayed by bias when experiencing a new country and culture. Read more

An ideal place for photography

Beatrice Wong City University of Hong Kong    "I really enjoyed my 3-week-stay here that it was delightful to be in this family and meet other interns. Read more

I had a lovely time

Natasha Hole  Cardiff Law School United Kingdom   Nepal is a beautiful country, with everyone willing to open-up to you and be so generous. On many occasions I took public transport to town and numerous kind Nepali strangers would offer me direction advice, and one woman even walked me to my destination and chatted to me along the way. Read more

Priceless experience of my life

Yossuda Raicharoen, UK University of Edinburgh   Before coming to Nepal to do the internship on the human rights-related field, I did not really expect much about the experience I would gain. Read more

An Incredible experience

Clare Jenkins, Canada Humber College in Toronto   I had the most incredible experience in Nepal.  I learned so much about the country, culture and media but most importantly met some very special people who taught me even more than I could have imagined I would learn. Read more

Doctors were very helpful

Noah Granger & Alice Ormrod Medical elective, UK   Internship Nepal was a fantastic organization to undertake a medical elective with. Organisation of the placements in the various hospitals in the local area was well thought out with attention paid to the specialty chosen and goals of placement. Read more

THIS IS NEPAL Words by which to Live

Casey Ek, USA Journalism   Upon arriving in Nepal, I was at a loss for words. I didn't fully understand what I had gotten myself into, nor did I have a solid idea about the work I would be doing with local media. Read more

My time in Nepal was awesome

Nelly Rahimy, Germany Photojournalism   I am a student from Germany and came to Nepal in order to learn more about photography. The teacher, Ram, is great! Not only did he teach me more about photography than I had imagined, but also he took me to amazing places and events which helped me to a better understanding of Nepali culture. Read more

Grateful for the chances

NIna & Marieke, Bulgium Nursing Internship   Hi everyone! We are Marieke and Nina, nursing students from Belgium. We came to Nepal with this organisation for a nursing internship in the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu. Read more

Experiences were great

Brett Tanning. USA Medical elelctive, M.D Western Michigan University    This is Brett Tanning.  I came to Internship Nepal in March of 2016, staying at “the lovely home” with Nardev, “Mama” and their 3 children, as well as a group of other interns of medical and photojournalism studies, including visitors from France, Germany, and Belgium, and worked in anesthesiology at Kathmandu Model Hospital, with Dr. Read more