Medical elective

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Program: Medical Elective

Enrollment: Round the year

Internship Nepal offers substantial medical electives opportunities for the students practicing the following subjects:

- Medicine

- Nursing

- Physiotherapy

Our major objective with the whole internship phenomenon is to essentially help students envision the approach in working environment and workflow Nepal has, in contrast to the western countries. This prepares students for tougher cases as they move forward in their career shaping campaign.

This program is aimed at providing opportunities for medical, nursing and other healthcare students to do their electives in Kathmandu, Nepal. We work with some of the most prominent hospitals in Kathmandu. Our medical elective program can be tailored to the requirements of respective students applying for the elective in a variety of departments.

Students participating in our medical elective program will be engaged in working with, assisting and learning from local doctors and other health professionals. Depending on the desired field of interest in medicine and healthcare, students will be assisting in surgeries as a part of medical team. Also, they’ll be mandatorily involved in diagnosing and determining the optimal course of care for both in- and out-patients in the setting of their respective hospitals and local community.

The local doctors and healthcare staff at the hospital, as cordial as they are, have always been welcoming to the elective students. This will make sure that students are well attended since the very first day until the completion of their internship duration. Students will come across generous learning opportunities, even more when with the team. 

Note: Further information about the program will be provided via email after the applicants formally fill our application form!


Our affiliation with Tennessee State University, USA