Friday Photo Presentation

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Every Friday, students are required to mandatorily present their works in front of fellow interns as well as the program coordinator with the motive of receiving expert suggestions and general feedbacks. 

Following the trend, this week we had four of our students demonstrate a synopsis of their weekly activities in a nutshell. Sean, Freja, Jess and Mathilde, who are rave journalism and photography enthusiasts, gave their respective presentations on the day. 

Students discuss their weekly activities with their fellow colleagues in a round table discussion. This is enabled through live interaction and duplex communication between the presenter and the audience. Jess from South Africa, started off with her photo story on Nepalese wedding- they had all co-incidentally witnessed this ceremony during one of our recent outings. She led us through with her beautiful shots of the big occasion.

Sean, from Canada, intrigued us with realistic snaps of urban porters in Kathmandu city. Urban porters are those who as assigned the duty of carrying luggage from one site to another, on their backs. Sean did not fail in portraying the struggle a porter has to go through, especially in the busy Kathmandu roads. Freja and Mathilde also presented their pictures targeted mainly on the depiction of daily life of Nepalese people in an out of the valley. Freja was also recently published on The Kathmandu Post, a leading paper in the country.

At the very end, the program coordinator individually pointed out the whats and what nots of each presenter and provided each a handful of advice. We look forward to students coming up with more such excellent interaction endeavors.

                 Report By: Rajat Acharya


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