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Internship Nepal welcomes students and professionals from around the world. We provide opportunities for different experience in constant supervision of trained professionals. We assist you from beginning to the end of your program and give you proper guidance through our professionals all the time.  This internship is sure to be one of your lifetime experiences. You will get to touch a new horizon as you experience a totally difference culture and environment. At the end, you’ll be learning how vast the differences in people and culture within this world are better than any books you ever read, during your pleasant stay in Nepal.

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Interns Say

My time in Nepal was awesome

Nelly Rahimy, Germany

Grateful for the chances

NIna & Marieke, Bulgium
Nursing Internship

A photography tour to Nagarkot
On the day of Lhoshar, which is one of the most celebrated festivals in Nepal, we left for a two days hike to another popular tourist destination around Kathmandu-...
A Hike for Hindu Culture Study
Every year on the Nepali month of Magh (between January and February) the day of Swasthani Purnima (Full Moon day) is believed to commence the “Swasthaani...